Does Chuck save Sarah’s life by showing up with a full tactical team at the warehouse at the beginning of 3.13 Other Guy? Was Shaw going to kill Sarah? Does he only change his mind at the very last minute, when he looks sideways and sees the glare from a tactical light on two of the TVs? It definitely looks like it. Shaw’s walking towards Sarah, finger on the trigger, when he looks at a monitor on his right, then at one on his left, and both monitors show glare that is not there when Shaw first sees the video at the end of the previous episode. He seems to then decide to not pull the trigger and plays the part of the forgiving man.

Evelyn Shaw in Sarah's red test videoHow is possible that Sarah isn’t a bit suspicious of Shaw after what happened at the warehouse? They were supposed to find the “Ring’s most senior operative” and instead find an empty warehouse with a video of her red test. She sees Shaw walking towards her, gun drawn and pointed at her, finger on the trigger, is told by him the dead woman is his late wife that she killed, and Sarah suspects nothing’s wrong with the picture? It may seem strange but there are a couple of reasons she may accept it. First, they are both professionals. When Casey shot Bryce in the pilot episode, Sarah knew it and yet still was able to work with Casey. She was a professional and understood that what Casey did with Bryce was nothing personal. Here, she assumes that Shaw does the same.

Second, Sarah thinks Shaw is not only a great spy but also a great man who even forgives her for killing his wife, so that, when Sarah chooses Chuck in the subsequent “do you love me?” scene, there is no doubt that she choses him because she loves him, and not because Shaw is bad. In other words, Chuck did something selfless by saving Shaw in 3.12 American Hero and Shaw (in Sarah’s eyes) has now done something selfless in 3.13 Other Guy by forgiving her for killing Eve, so both men do something great for her, yet Sarah still chose Chuck. This unequivocally establishes Sarah’s love for Chuck.

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