In her CIA video logs that we see at the end of 5.12 Chuck Versus Sarah, Sarah mentions on Day 564 that she loves Chuck and doesn’t know what to do about it. This is a very emotional moment even for memory-suppressed Sarah who is watching herself admit to herself for the first time that she loves Chuck.

When is Day 564?

This confession prompts the question: when is day 564? Where does it land within the storyline?

In the earlier version of the video, which Sarah is shown by Quinn at the beginning of 5.12 Chuck Versus Sarah, she says that day one is September 24, 2007. If we add 563 days to that, we get to April 9, 2009 as day 564.

Now, the episodes’ air dates do not always line up with the story dates, but they are generally pretty close. In fact, the days that Sarah does mention in the video logs before day 564—day 21, day 49, and day 56—align with the air dates of 1.04 Chuck Versus the Wookie, 1.08 Chuck Versus the Truth, and 1.09 Chuck Versus the Hard Salami.

Day 564, or April 9, 2009, is sandwiched between 2.19 Chuck Versus the Dream Job, which aired on April 6, and 2,20 Chuck Versus the First Kill, which aired on April 13.

Within the story, then, day 564 falls between these two episodes. This also seems to make sense because, with Beckman accepting Sarah’s feelings for Chuck as an asset at the end of 2.18 Chuck Versus the Broken Heart, it is safe for Sarah to admit in her CIA mission log that she loves Chuck.1Then again, she admits to kissing Chuck in her video log on day 56, which would have been a major concern for the CIA, so it’s possible that this video log is Casey’s unedited version.

2.18 Chuck Versus the Broken Heart - Beckman concedes Sarah's feelings for Chuck can be an asset.

The timing also makes Sarah’s confession on day 564 poignant because she says that she doesn’t know what to do about her love for Chuck, and in the next episode, 2.20 Chuck Versus the First Kill, she will choose Chuck over government orders to bunker him—she chooses instead to go on the run with him.

“Take off your watch.”

2.20 Chuck Versus the First Kill - Take off your watch.

I Know

Sarah is acting on her love for him. She knows what to do about it in a very poignant “I know” scene reminiscent of Han and Leia in Star Wars. and a counterpoint to Chuck’s “I know” scene in 2.11 Chuck Versus Santa Claus.

2.11 Chuck Versus Santa Claus - Chuck and Sarah: I know.

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