It’s common to think that most, if not all the season-3 problems between Chuck and Sarah could have been prevented if the two of them had just talked. But the fact is that it’s only in the first two episodes that Chuck and Sarah need to clarify the reason for Chuck’s actions in Prague. After Chuck tells Sarah the real reason behind that decision during his confession in Karl’s vault, and after Sarah hears it through Carina’s video at the end of 3.02 Three Words, there’s nothing to talk about between them. They both know what’s going on, why Chuck has decided to become a spy, and Sarah understands and forgives him on the spot. How could she not? The man she loves just told her that he’s decided to become a spy to help others, just as she did, and based on her inspiration, because he loves her. What is she going to do? Hold it against him?

What needs to happen between them in season 3 cannot be resolved with a conversation. It can only be resolved through Chuck’s actions. He must become a spy, he must try to become a spy like all others (3.05 First Class to 3.08 Fake Name), he must reject the traditional spy code and decide to become his own kind of spy (end of 3.08 Fake Name), he must reject the cardinal rule of spying (spies don’t fall in love) in 3.09 Beard thanks to Morgan, he must show that he can control his feelings (3.10 Tic Tac), he must decide to pursue love again (3.11 Final Exam and 3.12 American Hero), and must finally undo Prague and put love first (his love declaration in 3.12 American Hero). Only then can he be together with Sarah. And none of this could be achieved through a conversation. It required a journey of action and growth.

The theme of the season

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