Some viewers maintain that season-3 Sarah rejects Chuck because he’s becoming a spy and she can’t trust him. I have already written a post on this topic and why it makes no sense (the first view of season 3) but, if pictures speak louder than words, we can actually see that this interpretation of season-3 Sarah contradicts the evidence. After finding out the real reason behind Chuck’s decision in Prague, which she does at the end of 3.02 Three Words, Sarah forgives Chuck on the spot. In the next episode, she looks at him from across the room at the generalissimo’s gala with longing eyes and can’t even lie to Ellie about her feelings for Chuck. At the end of 3.04 Operation Awesome, she only has eyes for Chuck when she walks into his apartment and then sits at the table, and in the next episodes, she exhibits all the traits of a woman in love, from smiles when thinking back about their past together to jealousy over Hannah, to her yearning during the stakeout in 3.11 Final Exam.

Does season-3 Sarah reject Chuck?

Some viewers even go so far as to say that season-3 Sarah falls for Shaw. This conclusion is ridiculous for several reasons that have been addressed in other season-3 posts, but again, the below pictures alone tell us about Sarah’s reactions to the prospect of a future with Shaw in Washington. Is that what a woman in love looks like?

Sarah's reaction to Washington

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