The seventh episode of Chuck season 4, First Fight (aka Sarah vs Sam) is actually Chuck and Sarah’s second fight and a one-episode reversal of their S3E1-13 first fight. In 4.07, Sarah scolds Chuck for setting a precedent by telling everybody what he’s thinking or feeling before telling her. But he didn’t set the precedent. She did, in season 3.

4.07 Chuck talks to Morgan, Ellie, and Tuttle before talking to Sarah, just as S3 Sarah talked to Casey, Carina, and Shaw before talking to Chuck in 3.10 Tic Tac.

4.07 Sarah says to Chuck, “You’ve only just met him (Tuttle) and he knows everything about us. How do you know that you can trust him?” Yet, that’s what S3 Sarah did with Shaw.

4.07 Tuttle turns out to the a bad guy who wants to kill Chuck because he took Frost from him, just as S3 Shaw turned out to be a bad guy who wanted to kill Sarah because she took Eve from him.

What 4.07 Sarah does with Frost prevents Chuck from committing treason, just as what S3 Chuck did in Prague prevented Sarah from committing treason.

4.07 Chuck’s misplaced trust in Tuttle almost costs him and Sarah their lives in Orion’s lair, just as S3 Sarah’s misplaced trust in Shaw almost cost her and Chuck their lives in Paris.

4.07 Sarah saves Chuck who trusted the wrong person, just as S3 Chuck saved Sarah who trusted the wrong person.

In truth, Chuck does point out to Sarah during their first (second) fight that she trusts only those who Beckman tells her to (an allusion to Shaw?), to which Sarah replies that his comment isn’t fair. And, in a sense, she’s right. Their 4.07 situation is not exactly the same they had in season 3 since they are now a couple united by common goals, whereas in season 3, they were two people separated by different goals and fears until they finally learned their priorities and came together.

But this first (second) fight sure is the better way to solve their conflict.

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