Chuck Versus the Podcast

Great 106-episode podcast with Gray, Mel, and Liz. Interviews with the creators of the show, the writers, the cast, and reviews of the episodes. A good way to feel the live reaction to the show when it originally aired for those of us who have only recently discovered Chuck.


Chuck This Blog

A wonderful resource with over 800 posts by Joe, Faith, Dave, Ernie, and Thinkling. Each of them brings a unique perspective to the show. The comments are also often very insightful.


Chuck TV

A fan site by Mel and Liz. A little scaled back now. Back in the day, it had lots of resources on the show.


Quantum Est In Rebus Inane

Philosopher Kelly Dean Jolley’s Chuck-related Posts. Very insightful.


Chuck Reactions

YouTube Chuck reactions by Blind Wave. They don’t go really deep but are a lot of fun and Eric is pretty good at predicting the course of the show.


Saving Sarah

  1. The Conversion
  2. From Symbol to Person
  3. Crisis of Faith
  4. A Wedding
  5. And the Story Goes On

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