This open comment thread the place where you can ask any questions or post any thoughts about Chuck. Possible topics are the Intersect, Chuck and Sarah’s relationship, the best and worst villains, the series finale, the Chuck movie, favorite guest stars, favorite scenes, favorite and least favorite episodes or story arcs, favorite secondary characters, and anything under the sun in the Chuckverse.

The Intersect

Do you like the fact that people other than Chuck got the Intersect? Was Chuck too powerful with the Intersect? Did you like the Morgansect arc? Would you have liked to see a longer arc with an Intersected Sarah?

Chuck and Sarah

Was the relationship developed the right way? Did you like the other love interests? Would you change anything in their relationship or its development?

The Villains

Who are the best and worst villains and why? Who was the villain that got under Chuck’s or Sarah’s skin?

The Characters

Who are your favorite characters in the show and why? Who are your favorite guest stars? What was the best idea the creative team had about a character development?

Seasons, Arcs, and Episodes

Favorite and least favorite seasons, arcs, or episodes? What makes a season good for you? What is the most rewarding or disappointing season? What are your favorite lines of dialogue or the funniest one-liners?

Open up about Chuck in the open comment thread below.

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