The visual symbolism that speaks for Sarah’s feelings in the wordless scene at the end of 1.10 Chuck Versus the Nemesis is just masterful1It reminds me of the visual symbolism in the 2005 movie Pride & Prejudice, where it was also used masterfully throughout the whole movie. and, together with the perfect timing and appropriateness of the lyrics of the background song [No One’s Gonna Love You], makes the whole scene stunning; the pale reflection of Sarah’s wristwatch in the window (it’s time to make a difficult choice) while she’s looking into the (unclear) night [♪ When things start splitting at the seams and now it’s tumbling down, hard ♪], her clothes and passport on the bed (she’s decided to leave with Bryce), her being by the opposite wall from the phone (she doesn’t want to leave but it’s the easier choice from the unchallenging and familiar past), her jolt (why does it have to be so hard?) at the first ring by Bryce [♪ you are the ever-living ghost of what once was ♪], the blank look on her face as she walks towards the room phone (it’s a decision of the brain, not the heart), her stopping in her tracks when Chuck rings her cell phone [♪ and no one is ever gonna love you more than I do, no one’s gonna love you more than I do ♪], her indecision between the old phone (the old boyfriend) and the new phone (the new boyfriend) [♪ but someone, they should have warned you when things start splitting at the seams and now it’s tumbling down, hard ♪], her holding her cell phone at the close of the scene (she’s chosen Chuck but the heart has won over the brain only by a slight margin and at the very last minute).

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